Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Looking Ahead to 2009

Looking ahead for 2009 Challenges, I know I want to try to keep it simple this year, but I am also kicking myself for not trying the 888 Challenge. I "know" I am going to want to try a 10, 10 in 2010 Challenge, so I am thinking the 999 Challenge would be great practice. Since I only managed 59 books this year, I know 81 will be a bit out of reach, but ya never know. My main goal is just to read as many books as I can, and it doesn't upset me a bit if I don't manage to complete any goals. I am just thrilled to be inspired to READ!

Some possible categories for 999: (I think these WILL be my categories actually)

1. Holiday
2. Anything from a Series
3. Kindle books
4. Children's Picture Books
5. Juvenile/Young Adult
6. Cozy Mystery
7. Agatha Raisin
8. Foreign
9. Library

Okay, I am so wanting to do this 999 Challenge that I even made the recommended Ticker! Looks like I'm going to go for it! Even if I don't manage the 999, reading a total of 81 books for the year would be AWESOME!

I am also planning on 2009 TBR. I didn't complete this one for '08 either, but 4 books off the TBR is better than NO books off the TBR. LOL

2008 Challenge Results

Unfortunately, I did not meet very many goals for 2008. I only completed the Amateur Sleuth Challenge. (6/6)

Results for the other Challenge were:

100+ Reading Challenge: 59/100
2008 TBR Challenge: 4/12
A Well-Rounded Challenge: 2/6
A-Z Reading Challenge: 29/52
Chunkster Challenge 2008: 2/4
Diana Gabaldon Challenge: 2/6
Every Month is a Holiday Challenge: 6/12
Romance Reading Challenge: 4/5
Series Challenge: 6/11

However, I read a total of 59 books for 2008, compared to 35 for 2007, and only 10 for 2006. So, I am greatly improved over previous years and hope to continue getting more reading in for 2009. I am going to sign up for less challenges for 2009, but am hoping to get more reading in.