Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hours 9 & 10

Title of book(s) read since last update: Are You There, Vodka? (finally finished it), I Feel Bad About My Neck - Nora Ephron & The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death - Laurie Notaro
Number of books read since you started: Finally finished ONE
Pages read since last update: 30 & 19
Running total of pages read since you started: 215
Amount of time spent reading since last update: 36 minutes & 25 minutes
Running total of time spent reading since you started: (keep track of this one to be eligible for a prize!) 269 minutes
Mini-challenges completed: None these hours
Other participants you’ve visited: Dewey, Kim
Prize you’ve won: None

Okay, I still think I'm screwed up on my hours, so I 'think' I just completed hours 9 & 10. I'm gonna run with it and see if this is right. I should be on hour 11 right now.

I am pretty sure my family decided to go insane today! I am having the hardest time reading. Constantly having to stop and break up arguments. Seems like something is constantly going on. Next year I am shipping everyone off and spending the day by myself. LOL Oh, well. Hopefully things will get better when I can send everyone off to bed. (Crossing my fingers that I don't fall asleep too!)

But, I finally finished a book and started two more just so I'll have plenty to choose from.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you should be on hour 11.

Congratulations with finishing a book!!